Kettlebell Instructor, Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, USAC Cycling Coach

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I specialize in strength and conditioning for endurance athletes.   My goal as a coach and trainer is to build you up so you’re a more efficient athlete.   I train people to acclimate to high intensity efforts, but that’s not the primary purpose.  Intensity for intensity sake is fine for some, but it’s not everything.  The goal is to get to the finish line fast, ready to race again.  –>Learn more about my training philosophy

Brandon cares about your improvement. No one size fits all, but “all about you”. That and he will take the same punishment up 10 notches to show you nothing’s impossible. -Cheryl Mitchell  –>Read More Client Testimonials

As a coach I am committed to providing you the most effective approaches to your racing and fitness goals. Use me to help shape your season with the training and methodologies that have helped shaped several successful racing careers. –> Learn more about training rates and packages


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